“Not only great deeds but attentive gestures can open people’s hearts.”


Elegance meets cosiness
Arriving and feeling at home – is there anything nicer while being away from home?
What can be more pleasant than receiving a warm welcome in an atmosphere full of comfort and repose?
That’s why we at Hotel Brenner made a stylish „Temporary Home“ out of every room with a lot of subtlety and attention to details – rooms where comfort and lifestyle are permanent guests.
Be sure to expect clear elegance and a warm and friendly atmosphere at Hotel Brenner where you can just let your spirits flow. Enjoy your stay at Hotel Brenner. We look forward to seeing you!

Single Room
zimmer_ez-2b_600 Whether it’s a business trip, single holiday, city tour or sports trip in Koblenz – our single room fulfills every wish. You have the choice between three different types of accommodation:
* Standard
* Comfort and
* Hearing impaired

Double bedroom
hotel-brenner-dz6529_1400px-430x430 Romantic holiday, hiking tour or cultural trip – we offer our stylish double bedroom for couples equipped with everything you need:
* Standard,
* Comfort and
* Hearing impaired

Three bed room
hotel-brenner-3bett4025_1400pxOur three bed rooms allow spending quality time with your family. Be sure to have everything you need to stay with a baby or smaller child in our three bed room. It features everything from changing tables to cribs.